Monday, January 25, 2010

Guitar #6



i learned how to play enrique aglaises (or however u spell his name)'s song HERO. hahahhahah....its like a serenading song for those who don't know. using Gmaj chord with different bases.

basically all you do is keep the ends of the Gmaj chord, strum G alternating with the last 3 string. E with the last three. C with the last three. and D with the last three. I rmb on valentine's day I saw my friend play this and almost fell in love. NOW I CAN PLAY IT!!!! bwahahahha....

will someone fall in love with me? @.@ LOLLLL

Guitar #5


After basic learning of the chords i decide....i want to learn a SONG. a real song that is easy, can impress ppl, and is so good.

so he teaches me this bass chord normally used for a jazz piece.
if you can try it :) DO!
i took pictures of the strings needed to be plucked. its just a one string melody kind of thing. no 2 strings at one time so it should be easy.

lol. does it work?

Guitar #4


so i practiced all week my one finger stopper chord seems to be working out :) now i just need to be fluid in my finger motions. After a while I suddenly realise.....I don't know what chord this is. I ask. :P I don't know is the reply. it just sounds so good. ah well....playing by ear has always been a dream of mine. why not start with the guitar?

Then i realised. you know....there would be seriously something wrong if i didn't know the NAME of the chords. so i demanded to know C, G, F, D, A and E chords. we worked on that the whole day. my fingers got seriously messed up that they're starting to harden now and but i do know how to play them! :D clap for me!!!!

now....just progression again. i can do the chords slowly. but not progressively. hehe
OOPS then what is the point of playing the guitar? XD

i decided after chords i would like to go for.....plucking

Guitar number i don't know what



like really really really hard chords.
so I asked ronald to throw me a bunch of chords that I could try out, take them home, practice like mad, come back, be a pro at it. and tadaa.....i learnt he guitar.

sadly. I realise my chord progressions aren't that great.

Ronald has the great jazz piece that he figured out himself that i really really want to learn but HE HAS GOT SUCH A STRONG PINKY FINGER. he asks me: can i do it? I follow thru with an optimistic energy. the thing is.....its quite hard. what i have to do is.... put my whole finger on the entire bracket. doesn't sound so complicated right? HAHA. it is. my short puny finger won't push all the strings right.

maybe i need new strings.......


Thursday, November 26, 2009

thank you boom :)

Chinese beading - 2nd time since half term


its been my 2nd chinese beading since half term :P
so many assignments and due dates. i'm sorry!


but anyway. today was really an unwasted day. wenlu and janice didn't come. TOK presentations after school. so its just me and iyune.

i finish off all my beautiful leaves which of course i rmb how to sew :)
and check this out

MY NEW TOY. hahahhah chinese beading gets prettier and prettier

Chinese beading - a leaf :)

today i really really REALLY work on something new.


yes. and I work on this one little thing for the WHOLE HOUR. frustrating but when I look back at it i smile for some odd reason. An exasperated gratifying moment i guess. well first, i did the leaf HORRIBLY. then the thread for entangled. THEN my thread was too short. can u guess why i took an hour to finish this?

anyway. thats not exactly my point. THE POINT IS I LEARNED THIS REALLY COOL NEW THING. teacher says i'm ready for my little project *beams*